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Today I’d like to share a lesson plan for the book I really like –  📖 Where‘s The Green Sheep? by Mem Fox and Judy Horacek.

It’s a perfect choice for primary school students with a couple of years’ experience of learning English for two reasons:

💡 It has an interesting language focus. You can attract your students’ attention to conversion in phrases like the bed sheepthe sun sheep, the star sheep where nouns become adjectives.

✏🎨  You can do a creative writing activity as a follow-up. Сreativity is something we should aim to develop in our 21st-century classrooms, and I don’t see too many creative tasks in our coursebooks.

Here’s my lesson plan:

  • We read the book. I pause and let children fill in some words and phrases.


  • Before the class, I print out the flashcards for the book form this amazing website – kizclub.com. I give out the cards to my students and put on the song.

We listen and hold up corresponding cards. If necessary, students may also exchange the cards, listen to me saying the phrases and put the cards on the board. I sometimes add gestures to show the meaning of the word.


  • If I need further vocabulary practice, I can also print out black and white mini-cards from kizclub.com with the words which are new for my students. I name the phrase (e.g. Here’s the wide sheep.) and children quickly colour the card.


  • We can also use the cards to play some games (like memory or snap) in pairs.


Writing activity:


  • Before the class, I find colouring pages (like these funny cats) print them and cut out.


  • First, I model the activity. I put a picture of a cat on the board and say: This is a cat. Then I draw a cake next to it and ask: What cat is this? and elicit the answer “This is a BIRTHDAY cat!” Then I wipe the cake, draw a TV around the cat and elicit the phrase “a TV cat”. Then I draw a little crown and elicit “the princess/queen cat”…


  • Every child takes one cat and a sheet of paper. They stick the cats onto the paper and draw pictures like “the bus cat”, ” the MC Donald’s cat” etc., write the text on their page and then we put all the pages together to make a collective book and read it together.


  • We have a fantastic book which we read in class next lesson! As a homework task, I may ask students to make similar books of their own and present them in class after the weekend.


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