What, No Domino?

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Have you ever played domino? If you haven’t, don’t worry, this version is going to be a pice of pie!

The game is aimed at practising ANY grammar you wish to practise with your students.

Before you start:

  • decide on the topic you’re going to brush up;
  • print the domino cards and cut them out

get your Domino Cards here: https://vk.com/docs-172542946

Basically, that’s it! But before you start it’s paramount to make sure your students have nice understanding of the grammar concept you’re after!

The process

  • shuffle the cards and handle them to the students, so that each of them has an equal number of cards;
  • introduce the grammar pattern you want them to practise, either putting it on the board or pronouncing it orally depending on the level of your group;
  • the students should match two cards providing a sentence usuing active grammar and making sure the sentence followins the common sense (a rule, which of course can be broken);
  • provide the first example yourself so that they understand the idea better

The main idea behind the game is to make your students struggle not with the grammar itself, but with the ideas of how to “perform” the grammar in context naturally and logically. My favourite point of the game is when the students have run out of all the “convenient” cards, and have to make up sentences usuing the available ones: it’s where the fun starts😃

Make sure your class understands the pattern properly, put it on the board to make sure they get the idea. I normally provide the first example first just to illistrate the idea and show them how easy it is (only at the beginning, ha-ha) .

Never tell them it is going to intensify closer to the end; don’t spoil the effect!))



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