“Draw and speak”

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Game: “Draw and speak”
– teach students to generate ideas
– let students speak spontaneously
– teach students to analyze
– lower the affective filter
Materials: sheets of paper (A4), markers, pencils in different colours.
How to play:
A teacher says to Ss that they’re going to use their consciousness to draw pictures. It doesn’t matter if they can draw or not. The task is to draw without limits and prejudices.
Instructions: Ss have their sheets of paper and they are to start drawing anything they want when the teachers say “Start”. But they have only 1 minute to do that. Then the teacher says ‘Stop” and Ss are to hand in their sketches to a neighbour. So every student receives a neighbour’s sketch. Then the teacher says “Start” again and Ss are to continue their “new sketch”. Everything repeats until the picture comes back to its owner. During the process of drawing Ss are not allowed to make comments. When the process of drawing finishes, Ss are to describe their pictures (what they see), entitle them and they should create a story about the depicted objects/people.  Also, Ss should express their opinions if they like the final version or not and why.
I would recommend that teachers give models of answers at a final stage  (Phrases “express your opinion”: It seems to me/ In my view…”  etc.)

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