I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato: LESSON PLAN + FREE PRINTABLES

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This is my lesson plan and FREE PRINTABLES for Lauren Child’s book about Charlie and Lola ‘I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato’. You can also use it with the cartoon based on this book

First, we read the book. It’s a funny story about a small girl Lola who wouldn’t eat anything and her older brother Charlie who eventually tricks her into eating lunch by inventing unusual stories about food. You can see the whole book here.

After reading, I open this spread with and ask students to look at it for 25 seconds and remember as many food items as they can.

Then, I give them a set of food cards and write Charlie and Lola’s dialogue on the board. They have to reproduce their conversation and put the food cards in the correct order.

After they finish, I might switch on this part of the cartoon without the picture and aks students to listen and check if they got everything right.

Then I ask students to act out this dialogue in pairs with Lola’s intonation. 

It may also be a good idea to add a few activities which develop students’ thinking skills :

  For example, we may ask students to divide the food into categories: healthy and unhealthy/ food that comes from the garden and food that comes from a farm and etc. 

  Or we may brainstorm a list of dishes which include these food items (spaghetti with cheese and tomato sauce, pea soup, vegetable stew and etc.). Then students take turns pretending to be Lola: 

I don’t eat pea soup because there are peas and potatoes in it!

I will never eat pizza because there are tomatoes, mushrooms, and cheese in it!

After that, I ask students to name the things Lola ate. I give them 5 picture cards and they match the food items with the pictures.

And what I love most about this book is that there is a possibility for creativity development:

Lola ate only five (out of seventeen!) things. So my next (and my favourite) task is: take a card(s) from the pile and think how could you make Lola eat this (spaghetti, mushrooms, rice, etc.). Now draw a picture!

Finally, we use students’ pictures for a speaking activity.

Write Lola’s words on the board:

Students take turns to be a little sister/brother and others pretend to be family members. The ‘picky child’ takes a food card from the pile and says:

I will not ever never eat mushrooms!

And one of the students answers:

But these are not mushrooms! These are leprikon umbrellas!

– OK, maybe I’ll nibble one or two. Mmm, they’re tasty!

Then they take another card and continue the dialogue.

You can download the materials here:

EFL Experts I Will Never Ever Eat a Tomato Printables

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