Getting creative with picture books

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With my preschoolers I don’t necessarily focus on many new words from the book, I usually pick up one grammar structure for them to practice.
I’ll share with some ideas which developed their speaking skills terrifically.

  1. So, the first book I am going to tell you about is ‘The vet’. Kids just fell in love with the dog and they felt so sorry for her leg that for a week or two our lessons started with giving her injections 🙂 I’ve chosen a couple of structures to focus on:
  • It hurts;
  • Let’s give him an injection;
  • Do you feel better?

First, we looked for the dog ( I had hidden it before the lesson), then we gave him some injections and asked how he felt. Every kid had a chance to do that and they never got tired of it:) We read the book every day as well.

2. Next book is also about a dog and it’s called ‘Shaggy dog and the terrible itch’. In this book a poor dog had an itch and he asked people he met on his way to scratch his back. We read this book last month and the topic of the month was body parts. So, to revise body parts I’ve chosen the structure:

– My back/nose/leg is itchy. Will scratch it please?

– Ok! Here you are!

– Thank you!

For practice I used sticky notes: I put them on different body parts of my little learners and asked them to repeat the dialogue. First, they practices it with me and then with each other. It was such a fun that they asked to play it again!

3. One more book I’d like to share with you is one of my favs – ‘Giraffes can’t dance’. My kids loved Gerald the giraffe from the first glance! Well, as I am such a huge fan of the book I’ve created my own materials based on the book. I’ve created flashcards with some action verbs from the story and we practices ‘I can’. I printed out cards and I taught them 6-8 new phrases, e.g. I can stomp like an elephant or I can roar like a lion. As they were familiar with the structure and some vocabulary already, next lesson I asked them to actually produce the sentences. So, what I did was I put one card on every child’s head and they had to go from end of the classroom to the other without dropping the card on the floor. They had to say the sentence while walking: I can roar like a lion etc. If they dropped the card on the floor, they started from the beginning. Please, remember that preschoolers get bored from the same activity so don’t use it for a long period of time.


The main idea of my post was just start using picture books and the ideas will come along!

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