Cool warming-up activities! (In the wake of 10-minute-talks”)

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1. One, two, three – GRAB!

(Have got/haven’t got)

The easiest one. Place objects/cards/toys in front of kids. Say “1-2-3-GRAB!” and let them take any object from the pile. They describe what they have (I have got a…). Next round they do the same with closed eyes and try to guess what they have (I guess I have got a…). As an option the teacher can say: “I see someone’s got a…” And everybody tries to catch a person with this object.

2. Collection

(Have got/colors/adjectives/making questions)

While you’re counting to 10 kids collect 5 objects they can find in the classroom (stationary, toys etc). They discuss the content. Then you have two ways to play. 1) Divide kids in pairs. They hide their treasure behind backs and try to take objects from each other by asking: Have you got something.. yellow (big, heavy etc)? If a kid has the described object, he passes it to his partner. 2) Place all the objects in one big pile. Everybody close eyes, grab one and hide it behind the back. Then the class asks the first student: Have you got a…? The aim is to guess all the objects.

3. Run and touch

(Any tenses)

This is the extended version of the famous “touch-and-say-the-word-game”. But we’re not interested in learning separate words, we are interested in speaking, aren’t we? Well, this activity is perfect for daily routines, but feel free to use it with parts of day, school, stationary and any topic at all.

You place cards with required vocabulary in different parts of the room. Then you show kids … a bedroom, for instance. Kids run and touch the action they usually do in the bedroom and say the full sentence (“I read a book in the bedroom”). You can combine places, objects, actions and make students to ask each other questions (“Where do you eat? I eat in the kitchen”)

Yes & No

(Any tenses)

Place two cards with “yes” and “no” on the walls in different parts of the room. Then say any  statement  taking your group level into account (e.g. I went to the cinema yesterday). Kids who did this run and touch “yes”, who didn’t – “no”. Obviously they have to say the full sentences. This game can be used to get kids to know each other and also to involve them into a quiz.

What are you doing?

(Present Continuous)

Have you got a big rag in your class? Get one, because you may use it for a cool activity below (and for many other ones). Put a rag over one student. He has to do any action under it and others try to guess the action (“Are you eating?” ” No, I’m not” “Are you singing?” “Yes, I am!”). If you need to practice 3rd person, ask the other student to stand by the student under the rag and do an action. The one under the rag speaks to the class (“-Is he dancing?” ” – No, he isn’t” “- Is he drawing?” “- Yes, he is!”)

What’s the object?

(Description of the object)

Kid thinks up a word – something he can see in the classroom. Others try to guess the word asking questions: (What color is it? Is it heavy or light?)

ABC hot potato

(ABC warming-up activity)

Choose a letter. Set a timer. While it’s on, kids pass the ball to each other, naming proper words starting with this letter. When the time runs out, he who has the ball has a penalty (invent one with your class).

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