Common Worlds (First Lesson Activity)

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This Activity is designed to help break the ice at the beginning of a course and assess the level of your new students.

The idea is very simple. There are 3 different habitats (Land, Sea and Sky) and students are going to group themselves according to those habitats and devise a Habitat Charter together.


  1. Print and cut out the Habitat pictures
  2. Print and cut out the Animal cards
  3. Print the Habitat Charters


  1. Introduce the 3 Habitats by placing the 3 pictures in different areas of the room
  2. Explain to the students that they are going to be grouped by Habitats
  3. You may model the activity by creating your own charter for a 4th Habitat with a few aliens from Mars, Venus and Jupiter: The Space Habitat Charter
  4. Students first need to find their habitats
    1. Each student gets an animal card that they should keep secret
    2. Students ask each other YES/NO questions to understand which animal they are and which habitat they should join
      1. You may model this to help weaker students into using what they know
        1. Can you …? questions
        2. Do you have …? Have you got …? questions
        3. Do you …? questions
  5. Students then make a Habitat Charter in their little groups
    1. Give them their Charter. Students decide on:
      1. Their flag
      2. Their favorite food
      3. Their hobbies
      4. A few rules for good coexistence
  6. Students will remember these groups throughout the year. You may reference these groups whenever you have new projects for them

Possible Extension

  1. Groups give presentations of their Habitat Charters
  2. Groups vote for an ambassador to the other habitats
  3. Groups make rules for visitors of other habitats
  4. Groups negotitate trade agreements with other habitats (better for adults)

Sky Animals Cards Sea Animals Cards Land Animals Cards Habitat Pictures

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